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500 MB business fibre line? Check. Asus 144hz monitors? Check. Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU with 16GB ram? Check. Full RGB Corsair peripherals? Check. Corsair T1 race seats? Check. Version 2.0, yes please!

The re-launch and re-brand from ATK Shack to ATK Arena took place on the 8th of December. This was our opportunity to show the world, for the second time, how seriously we play. Okay, maybe not the world, but certainly our local community of gamers here in Cape Town, South Africa.

We’d had the dream to launch ATK Arena for a long time and, working alongside all of our partners, we managed to get things moving in the right direction rather quickly.

If you’d spent any time at the old space, you’d understand the relevance of the name change from ATK Shack to ATK Arena. ATK Arena is at least six times as big as the previous shop, has four times more screens (from 14 to 59, excluding the streaming room and SIM racing rigs), has its own lounge, bar and coffee shop, stage and casting podium, and then of course the gym upstairs, ATK Fit.

The launch was well attended, and by such a diverse bunch of people, toddlers to teens, yuppies through parents. It was incredible to see the gaming community come out in such force and really heart-warming to know that so many people share our passion for gaming.

Our partners and affiliates who took to the podium did so brimming with pride. It’s great to be surrounded by such supportive people; it definitely makes our job easier.

ATK Arena is here to push the envelope and really give the local gaming industry the push forward that it needs. It is a huge step for our community of gamers, a project we fully intend on turning into a movement.