The Story

We are proud to present the first of its kind in South Africa. The Republic of Gamer’s ATK Arena housed in The Stadium on Main, in Claremont. A premium destination kitted out with what we believe is a quality performance gaming machine for a gaming experience second to none.

We built the ATK Arena from humble beginnings. Growing too big for our first home in the original ATK Shack, we started to think big. What if.. ? What if the gaming community had a home where they could come to compete as equals. On the identical hardware and on the identical network. What if we we had a place to come to for gaming and lounging. What if we changed the stereotype of gamers and introduced Functional Fitness Training as a way of keeping the balance. The dream was big, but why would we dream small.

We want to see South Africa’s gamer’s taking on the world. The ATK Arena is here to offer you so much more than the best gaming equipment, we are offering you a chance to pursue your eSport dreams, whether it be as a pro gamer, or a streamer, a match caster or a team player. We invite you to take this opportunity to bring your dreams into reality. The ATK Arena is ready to take on the journey with you.


Play Seriously